Lassi is a traditional yogurt based drink made by whisking yogurt with various flavours. It can either be made sweet or savory. It is the perfect refreshing drink on a hot sweltering day. 

I make Lassi often, using whatever is in season. I especially enjoy making Lassi with fresh seasonal fruits. Since it takes only minutes to whip up, this simple smoothie like drink is made regularly in my kitchen during summer months. 

Recently during navratras I wanted to create a lassi recipe which was filling and one could enjoy it while fasting. Since Sitaphal/ Custard Apple is in season I thought of using it to make this glutenfree drink. I also added a handful of Makhana / Foxnut to the Lassi along with some Honey to make this frothy creamy delicious drink. I think this is one my favourite Lassi flavours so far as it tastes like a decadent dessert. This Sitaphal (custard apple) and Makhana (fox nut) lassi is so delicious you would want to swap this for your morning breakfast smoothie for as long as the custard apple season lasts.The only effort required is to deseed the fruit. Once you’ve done that my effortless recipe comes together in minutes.

If you like Sitaphal then you must try this Lassi. You can also add a few soaked cashews or almonds to make it more filling. If Custard Apple is not available in your city then you can add bananas or any seasonal fruit. 

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Sitaphal & Makhana Lassi

Sitaphal & Makhana Lassi. A delicious and filling recipe when you are fasting.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 People


  • 1.5 Cup Hung Curd / Thick Yoghurt
  • 1 Large Custard Apple/ Sitaphal
  • 10-12 Pieces Fox nuts/ Makhana
  • Honey To taste
  • Cardamom  Pinch


  • Deseed the Custard Apple .
  • Add the Custard Apple pulp, makhana/ fox nut, honey, chilled yogurt and cardamom to the blender jar.
  • Blend to a creamy consistency.
  • Serve. Add ice cubes if required. 


Use dairy free yogurt and jaggery for a vegan option. 
If Sitaphal is not available, substitute with banana or any fruit of your choice. 
You can add plain makhana or also roast them before adding (make sure they are at room temperature and not hot).
This recipe is gluten free. 
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