About Me

Welcome to “Su Paints On Plates!”

Hi, my name is Surabhi Sehgal.

Let me begin with my blog name. It’s unusual and might even sound conceited, however there is a story behind it.

I hail from Dehra Dun, a scenic valley nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. I belong to a family of artists. My mother, a school teacher by occupation, spent all her free time painting. For years I saw her lost in the world of colours and canvases. 

My father, a scientist by profession, is a known poet in my hometown. His writing is dreamy and romantic. He is retired now and devotes most of his time gardening and sitting by his desk next to the window overlooking the mountains, engrossed in the sorcery of words.

When I was young, my mother sent me for countless painting lessons in the hope that I may have inherited her talent. I enjoyed the classes, however not enough to excel. My father on the other hand felt that I shared his love for Languages. He therefore coaxed me into pursuing my Masters in English Literature. 

My heart however belonged in the kitchen. My love for cooking began when I was only nine. I would spend hours watching my grandmother cook. Her food was a labour of love, she cooked patiently and ensured that everything that came out of her kitchen was sheer perfection. 

I learnt tremendously from my mother as well. A teacher by profession, she was always multi tasking and rushing to complete various chores. Mother was no ordinary cook. Her food was cooked in a jiffy, yet tasted phenomenal. Her recipes were simple, flavorful and extremely nourishing. 

After marrying my high school sweetheart and a very passionate hotelier, we lived in six countries and travelled to many. Since we moved so often, I tried my best to keep myself occupied in each place we lived in. I worked as a banker, in Public Relations, managed a hotel boutique and designed clothes and spaces. It took me years to finally give in to my calling. I did not have to have a corporate job, or to be a painter or a writer that my parents wished me to be. I am an artist alright, I only Paint On Plates!!

I now live in Gurgaon with my family. Over the past few years I have worked with various renowned brands in the UAE and India. I enjoy developing recipes for brands I work with, and styling and photographing these recipes for their websites and marketing campaigns. My global exposure enables me to work with various cuisines and ingredients. I also curate Pop Ups for restaurants and Cafes showcasing Modern Cuisine using local ingredients

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